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Show Only

Show excluding drinks

  • Show Only
Special offer for young people under 26 at 50 euros.

Show + Drinks

Choice when booking:

  • Half bottle of champagne
  • A glass of champagne
  • Soft (exclusively reserved for children up to and including 12 years old)
From €100


The menus are signed by Guy Savoy

Menu Gustave Eiffel Drinks Included

  • Paradis Latin new show
  • Gustave Eiffel Menu (See the menu)
  • Mineral water, ½ bottle of wine and ¼ bottle of Champagne
Sold out

Prestige Menu with Drinks Included

  • Paradis Latin new show
  • Prestige Menu (See the menu)
  • Mineral water, ½ bottle of wine and ¼ bottle of Champagne
Sold out

Menu Napoléon Drinks Included

  • Paradis Latin Show
  • Prestige Menu (See the menu)
  • Mineral water, ½ bottle of Bollinger champagne
  • Gold Square seating
  • One souvenir photo per person
Sold out

Festive evenings

Special Christmas Evening

  • 20:00 Candlelit dinner
  • 21:30 The show
  • 23:00 The Grand Final
Sold out

New Year's Eve

(See the menu)

7:15 PM: Doors open
8:00 PM: Dinner and pre-show begin
10:15 PM: Dinner ends and the show begins - Final countdown for the midnight chimes
12:05 AM: Dance party with unlimited Champagne
3:00 AM: End of the evening

Sold out

Valentine's Day Evening

Unmatched Romance: Dive into a night soaked in romance in the heart of historical Paris, the perfect setting to reignite the flame.

Gourmet Dinner: Awaken your senses with a high-flying menu, crafted by star-rated chefs, and discover unique flavors that will be etched in your memory (See the menu)

Captivating Show: Let yourself be carried away by a stunning cabaret review, combining dance, music, and artistic performances in a whirlwind of talent and creativity.

Sold out

What to expect

Discover Paradis Latin: An Enchanting Journey at the Heart of Parisian Entertainment

A Monument of Parisian Entertainment

Located in the heart of the City of Lights, the Paradis Latin is much more than just a cabaret. This institution, designed by the illustrious Gustave Eiffel, stands out as an essential gem of Paris's fifth district. Bridging history and modernity, it celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2019.

L'Oiseau Paradis: The Magic of the Show by Kamel Ouali

Crafted under the guidance of the famous choreographer Kamel Ouali, L'Oiseau Paradis transports spectators to a world that's both sensual and dreamlike. Star dancers, breathtaking acrobats, and unique performances light up the stage, all set against an electric atmosphere. The promise? An exceptional evening blending poetry, humor, and high technology.

A Tribute to the French Cancan

True to the tradition of the great Parisian cabarets, Paradis Latin brilliantly revives the French Cancan, a dance that's both sensual and playful, showcased by the talented Marie-Laure Philippon.

An Unparalleled Culinary Experience

Whether you opt for a dinner show or just the performance, Paradis Latin knows how to enchant its guests. From 7:30 pm, allow yourself to be seduced by refined menus that delight both the eyes and taste buds.

Why Choose Paradis Latin?**

  • 15 Exceptional Sets: A visual journey designed by Alain Lagarde.
  • Over 500 Dazzling Costumes: A marvel from the fashion house "On Aura Tout Vu", collaborators with international stars.
  • An International Cast: A diversity of talented artists that will leave you in awe.

Don't wait any longer, dive into this magical world and book your ticket for a 100% Parisian cabaret experience, where the audience and artists come together in magical harmony. Inquire now to prepare for your visit and take advantage of the favorable rates offered by Paradis Latin.

Useful Information for Your Evening at Paradis Latin

Paradis Latin Pricing

The Paradis Latin pricing adjusts according to your preferences. For an evening focused solely on the show, expect a starting fee of 80 euros excluding beverages, which starts from 90 € if you wish to add a glass or a half-bottle of champagne. For those wishing to combine dinner and show, the offers vary: the Gustave Eiffel menu starts at 175 euros, while the Prestige menu, including drinks, is priced at 200 euros. Note: Special evenings such as Christmas Eve, New Year's, or Valentine's Day have different pricing.

Dress Code at Paradis Latin

At Paradis Latin, while elegance is appreciated, strictness is not. Proper attire is, however, required. City sneakers and undamaged jeans are acceptable, but it's best to avoid items like flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, and purely sporty outfits to maintain the venue's elegance.

Dinner-Show Schedule

Your evening begins at 7:30 pm, with a warm welcome orchestrated by the artists themselves. During dinner, Kamel Ouali invites you to discover an original and unexpected pre-show, a genuine prelude to the main show. The grand review will take off at 9:30 pm and conclude majestically at 11:15 pm.

Welcoming Guests with Reduced Mobility

The Paradis Latin is committed to being accessible to all. Those using wheelchairs will find suitable accommodations. For an optimized experience, it's advised to inform the cabaret after your booking. Specifically designed restrooms are also available for your comfort.

With all this information in hand, you're set for a memorable evening in the heart of Paris!

Why Choose Paradis Latin?

Given the variety of Parisian cabarets, making a choice can be challenging. Why opt for Paradis Latin over other renowned establishments like the Moulin Rouge or the Crazy Horse? Here are some points that might sway your decision:

  1. Gastronomy: Gourmets will be won over by the Paradis Latin's cuisine. The menus are crafted by the famous Guy Savoy, a three-star Michelin chef. Furthermore, his restaurant was crowned the "world's best restaurant of 2019" by the prestigious La Liste ranking. A hallmark of quality and refinement for your taste buds.

  2. The Show: With Kamel Ouali's signature, the Paradis Latin promises a spectacle of rare intensity. While honoring traditions, the revue mixes different styles: from classical dance to hip hop, through circus and burlesque acts. A perfect blend of classic and modern.

  3. The Venue: Dive into historical Paris with the Paradis Latin hall, an architectural masterpiece designed by the legendary Gustave Eiffel. An atmosphere both elegant and timeless awaits you.

  4. Pricing: Paradis Latin also stands out for its excellent value for money. Despite its high-end gastronomy and a show orchestrated by a world-renowned choreographer, the prices remain competitive, even more affordable than its competitors.

So, are you ready to be captivated by an unforgettable evening at Paradis Latin?

Cabaret Paris - Paradis Latin

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Customer Reviews

5/51 review

Jorge S.
Un spectacle à couper le souffle
Published over a year ago
J'ai oublié de mettre mon avis quand je suis allé au spectacle avant le confinement en février. J'étais allé assister à l'ancien spectacle. J'y suis retourné pour celui de Kamel Ouali et franchement, ma femme et moi n'avons pas été déçus ! Rien que la salle vaut le détour mais qu'est ce qu'on y mange bien ! On m'a dit que c'était un chef étoilé qui faisait le repas, je ne souviens plus du nom mais bravo à lui !


28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
Parking lot
Maubert - College des Bernardins, 7 Boulevard Saint-Germain - 75005 Paris
Public transportation
BSaint-Michel Notre-Dame
6789638687Institut Du Monde Arabe

Common questions

What is the price of Paradis Latin?

The rates for the Paradis Latin cabaret in Paris vary based on your preferences for attending the show. The Show Only option starts at €80 excluding drinks and goes up to €105 with half a bottle of champagne. The dinner-show package starts at €175, including drinks.

What are the opening hours of Paradis Latin?

The Paradis Latin show starts at 9:30 pm and lasts about 90 minutes. If you opt for the dinner option, enjoy it accompanied by a pre-show starting at 7:30 pm. For the end of the show, anticipate a brief wait at the coat check, and plan to exit around 11:15 pm.

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