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About Ticketeaser

Ticketeaser's history is intrinsically linked to that of its parent company, Come to Paris.
Come to Paris is the vintage of e-commerce - launching in 1999, this platform exclusively dedicated to tourism in Paris was pratically a UFO.

Nearly 20 years of experience has allowed us to see our customers' expectations evolve - one of which is at the very origin of Ticketeaser: the dematerialization of tickets or to speak simply, the freedom for our customers to choose to print or download their tickets on mobile !

The democratization of the Internet in the 2000s was accompanied by growing frustration among visitors to sites, museums, monuments and attractions who decidedly did not understand why they were systematically forced to print tickets purchased online. It is no longer mandatory to print airline tickets since 2008, why print tickets for museums 10 years later?

We then began a crusade with the museums and monuments of Paris to satisfy this demand for freedom and we are proud to offer their near exhaustiveness in digital form. From this freedom comes a happy advantage, that of not queuing at the ticket office! Because yes, queuing can sometimes be laborious, especially during periods of temporary exhibition....

Freedom, practicality and advantages, that is what we achieved in Paris. So why not offer this possibility to the whole of France? Ticketeaser was born!